Our Story

Hello! I am Laura Paulisich, founder of ToxyFree. I wanted to let you know that if I can be natural, healthy and toxin-free you can be too!

I used to be "normal" and definitely not ToxyFree. I tried for many years to be healthy but cravings for sweets, unhealthy food and cute belongings always seemed to win the battle of wills. After "achieving" what I thought was a happy life (house, car, wardrobe, profession, etc), I found myself not wanting to get out of bed in the morning. I was always searching for something outside myself to provide my happiness.

Food was particularly challenging for me because I wanted to eat healthy but I didn't understand food and nutrition. I didn't even know that fruit and vegetables were carbohydrates, and I certainly didn't understand the functions of carbohydrates, protein and fat. My routine for most of my life was to purchase fruits and vegetables each week with the most hopeful and best intentions; force myself to eat them during the week; give into cravings for junk food when exhausted, stressed, overwhelmed or when the weekend arrived; and finally end up throwing away the uneaten fruits and vegetables with guilt and shame.

I always struggled with my weight; compared myself to others; felt disappointed not to be able to fit into the designer clothing others were wearing; and deep down blamed myself for not being able to be "better."

My life changed drastically when I learned about nutrient-dense real food and then experienced how nourishing, delicious and satiating it is. For the first time in my life, I felt full, satisfied and at peace with food. MIRACLE!

I continued to gradually change other items in my life as I experienced the joy of taking impeccable care of my health. Every belonging that I found a more natural version for created even more joy from within. It feels like heaven to honor myself with the most conscientious care possible.

Healthy truly is happy!

I always wondered if it was just me that felt so happy when trying to live as healthy as possible. People began telling me that they couldn't believe how calm and happy my dogs were (they live naturally too). Then when I met my husband he would dance around the kitchen like I did when eating our most nutrient-dense and delicious food on the planet! Now we both do everything possible to protect our precious, difficult-to-find nutrients: nutritious & nourishing clothing, bedding, decor, cleaning supplies, office...everything! HELLO! HEALTH AND HAPPINESS