Our Story

I am Laura Paulisich, founder of ToxyFree, and I care deeply about your health and happiness.

After struggling my whole life with my health and happiness, I became determined to find out what humans need for true health. I discovered that meeting our basic needs of food, clothing, shelter, sleep and spirit are not easy to find in our modern world.  

As I searched for the most natural versions possible of all my basic needs, I was rewarded with the most fulfilling health and happiness of my life! I quickly learned that by being diligent with my diet every day and being aware of everything I allowed my cells to come into contact with, I gained a definite advantage in life. 

All along I questioned how busy families would have the time to search for the information and products that were so difficult for me to find, so I wrote books, opened ToxyFree, and created classes and a membership in order to help others create their own healthy home.


I always wondered if it was just me that felt so happy when trying to live as naturally as possible.

People began telling me that they couldn't believe how calm and happy my dogs were (they live naturally too).

Then when I met my husband he couldn't believe the freedom, the joy and all of the money and time we saved.

Now we both do everything possible to protect our health with the most nutritious and nourishing food, clothing, bedding, decor, cleaning supplies, office...everything!

With products, classes, consulting, corporate sales and a membership, we help many others just like you create a healthy home you'll love. 

We give you the essential information in its most succinct form and step-by-step instructions to make it a successful part of your routine. With many of the products and classes, you can start experiencing immediate health benefits that contribute to your lasting health so you too can have an advantage in life and finally experience your true potential.

Why just survive when you can thrive and also have the advantage!