FINDING REAL FOOD -"wild-diet" animals 

Weston A Price Foundation Shopping Guide - oils, dairy, spices, nuts, seeds

Local Harvest - farmer's markets, family farms

Loki Fish - wild salmon

Himalayan Crystal Salt - salt, sole salt stones, gem water crystals 

Baja Gold Sea Salt - 90 minerals and trace elements! 

Le Geurandais - Fleur de Sel finishing salt "produced by the ocean, sun and wind and is hand-harvested by salt workers, using skills and a method that are over a thousand years old. Unlike refined industrial salts, Le Guerandais Guerande Salt does not undergo any form of washing or chemical treatment and nothing is added (anti-caking agent, flow improvement agent, fluorine, iodine or nitrite)."

Azomite Mineral Powder - "This powdery mineral supplement, containing montmorillonite clay and many other compounds, comes from an ancient seabed. It is an excellent source of silicon, calcium, magnesium and the gamut of trace minerals...Take a heaping teaspoon mixed with water daily as an insurance of adequate macro- and trace-mineral ingestion in these days of soil depletion through intensive farming. (It's also great as a soil amendment for the garden and compost pile.)"(617). Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon (True Leaf Market affiliate link

Coconut Oil - Tropical Traditions traditionally-made coconut oil (coconut oil affiliate link       

Microgreens - non-gmo/heirloom/organic seeds, soil, azomite powder, trays, pH strips (True Leaf Market affiliate link

water - NSF-certified water filtration system including flouride (Amazon Affiliate Link)

stage 1 and 3 replacement filters - replace every 6 months (Amazon Affiliate Link) 

stage 2 replacement filter - replace every 12 months (Amazon Affiliate Link)

remineralizer replacement filter - replace every 12 months (Amazon Affiliate Link)

garden water filter - filtered water for all of your garden plants & soil (Amazon Affiliate Link)

ox bile - recommended by Sally Fallon to naturally help digest fat (Amazon Affiliate Link)

amla - recommended by Sally Fallon (she takes a few tablets daily)(Amazon Affiliate Link)


Gaia Conceptions - feminine organic tops, bottoms natural plant dye options

Industry of All Nations - gender-neutral tops, bottoms, shoes natural plant dyes

OlderBrother - gender-neutral tops, bottoms, plant-dyed, organic cotton

Pine Cashmere - undyed & unbleached organic cashmere

Tierra Wool - traditionally-made, natural plant-dyed wool yarn

Ecobutterfly - traditionally-made, plant-dyed organic cotton yarn

Renaissance Dyeing - organic and naturally-dyed yarn and thread

Twin Birch Products - Birchwood knitting needles

Etsy - clean clothing, accessories and clean clothing makers by search/contacting

Po-Zu - chrome-free leather/suede, coconut husk, natural rubber shoes (read descriptions carefully)

Le Chameau - waterproof natural rubber boots

Flip-Flops - natural rubber flip-flops (Amazon affiliate link)

Swedish Hasbeens - traditionally-made, vegetable-tanned leather, one-piece lime  and alder wood high-heeled clogs and shoes 

Soludos - chrome-free leather/suede, organic cotton/jute shoes (friend buy link)

Veja - organic cotton, natural rubber, vegetable-tanned leather options (read descriptions carefully)

Pact - organic cotton white tees, tops and bra tops (friend buy link)


Rawganique - towels, sheets, blankets, shower curtains, soap nuts for laundering

DIY Natural Bedding - natural rubber mattress, natural fiber pillows

Miriam's Earthen Cookware - unglazed clay cookware

Misson Hammocks - organic cotton hammock chair (indoor and outdoor) 

Traditional Tanners - brain-tanned buffalo rug/robe/blanket (Amazon Affiliate Link)

Organic Sheepskin - sheepskin rug/blanket

Vermont Natural Sheepskins - sheepskin rug/blanket (USA) 

Ecoenclose - biodegradable tape (water-activated only)

Infinity Jars - beautiful jars to keep all the impeccable ingredients impeccable! 

Shower Filter - NSF-certified shower filter (Amazon Affiliate Link) 

Replacement Shower Filters - replace shower filter every 6 months (Amazon Affiliate Link)

Toilet Tissue - chemical-free, tree-free toilet tissue (Amazon Affiliate Link)

Paper Towels - green-seal certified paper towels (Amazon Affiliate Link)

Trash Liners - certified compostable trash liners (Amazon Affiliate Link)