From founder Laura Paulisich: "It all started when I became determined to find out what humans need nutritionally. Learning about nutrition led to learning about sleep; learning about sleep led to learning about skin: 'It's not only what we eat but also what we touch' (Dr Josh Axe). Life transformed drastically: toxin-free food, clothing, shoes, bedding, towels, mattress, shampoo, cleaners, toothpaste and eventually everything.

Every action I took to become the healthiest human possible produced the happiest feelings I have ever experienced. The transformation from relying on industrialized products to procuring ingredients from nature reignited the health and happiness that are birthrights. Unbuyable, the solutions to survive and thrive reside deep within us all." 

ToxyFree is a blueprint for cultivating health and happiness by inputting impeccable ingredients to output enlightened enjoyment!

H E L L O !  H A P P I N E S S