Toxin-free YOGA MAT

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Instead of breathing in chemicals that all rubber yoga mats are treated with, these mats are infused with Ayurvedic herbs picked from Agasthya forests (a UNESCO-listed "most perfect biosphere").

Handwoven organic cotton yoga mat dyed with Ayurvedic herbs from UNESCO forests designed for the cleanest & healthiest breathing experience possible. 100% toxin-free, biodegradable, fair trade.

100% organic cotton

100% toxin-free

100% zero-waste


plant dyed

handwoven by artisans in Kerala, India

Fair Trade

5000 year old Indian fabric dyeing technique

designed to enhance your practice by enabling the cleanest & healthiest breathing experience possible

all water used in making the product is rain harvested

all power used in making the product is from solar heating

all water used in making the product is poured back into the soil for replenishment

can be rolled up to carry on your shoulder (cotton carrying strap included)

mats are designed to grip the floor

extra grip lines added for hands and feet

every mat has a strong antiseptic herb (turmeric / triphala / neem) infused in it that kills the germs keeping the mat clean

after use, roll the mat out and let it dry naturally away from the sun 

hand wash or machine wash (gentle cycle) using organic or any mild detergent (the herbs have been infused into the fabric at an early stage, so there's no risk of them being washed out)

do not dry in direct sunlight as some herbs like turmeric and red sandalwood fade when exposed to the UV rays of the sun

washing frequency depends on the intensity and type of yoga that you do, but typically you don't need to wash more than once or twice a month

the bottom side of the mat has a unique natural rubber mesh that creates air pockets between the floor and the mat, thereby making the mat stick to the floor

the floor grip of the mat is as good as rubber mats, and far better than cotton rugs

the mat has a double weave of cotton and a natural rubber mesh creating enough cushion for yoga; however, those with sensitive knees may need to add a rubber mat as extra cushioning (be sure that your body does not come in contact with anything unnatural and/or chemical) 

6' x 2.5' 

2.42 lbs