cast iron heat diffuser for electric stove

Heat Diffuser

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You might want several of these! Beautiful on the wall as decoration when not in use or sometimes just keep them on the stovetop. Made of heavy duty cast iron they also work as an arm workout while cooking:) ALWAYS use this with the clay cookware bakers when cooking on the electric coils of the stovetop! Love love love!

Diffusers create a flat cooking surface, reduces and distributes heat evenly, eliminates hot spots in pans, and keeps foods from scorching.

Made in Italy from cast iron.

Easily eliminate unwanted hot spots and even the heating surface of both electric or gas burners; absorbs and diffuses heat evenly for greater energy efficiency.

Slow simmer sauces and other foods without them scorching or boiling over; helps balance smaller pots like butter warmers and espresso makers.

Durable and sturdy; wipe clean or hand wash in warm, soapy water and dry thoroughly.

Heat diffusers for glasstop