Wood Cutting Board

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Create a natural, purposeful, art-filled, BEAUTIFUL wall collage in your kitchen and feel the daily inspiration! Each board lovingly crafted by artisans in Antigua, Guatemala using Caro Caro wood found in the Guatemala Rain Forest (certified by the Guatemalan INAB).

Season periodically with a light oil.

Due to wood being a natural material cutting, soap, and water will lift the fibers. To smooth it back down, you can use fine grit sandpaper then use food safe oil.

The artisans procure recycled or sustainably-sourced wood from the Smartwood Alliance in order to secure the future of the wildlife that surrounds their community.

small rectangle (including handle): H 13.5" x W 6"

large square (including handle): H 18.25" x W 14"

large rectangle (including handle): H 22.5" x W 10"

extra large square (including handle): H 24.5" x W 14"

extra large rectangle (including handle): H 30" x W 10" 

large round (including handle): 14" D 

tapas (including handle): H 18" x W 4"