"I remember reading 'the nose knows'(The Healthy Home). With all of the endless manmade chemicals entering the environment our senses become immune to them. Just like our powerful and delicate palates, the nose’s abilities become compromised around compromising ingredients! The author advises to trust our noses, and if something smells dangerous it is dangerous!

I used to be a 'normal' consumer of toxin-filled products and foods. My nose no longer worked. I would walk around stores, malls, schools and hospitals not noticing toxins. Now living free of toxin-filled products and no longer going to stores, if I do enter a store, I gasp for fresh air. I can taste the poisonous fumes. I’ve become 'chemically sensitive'(i.e. my nose works again and it is saying 'GET AWAY FROM THE DANGER PLEASE NOW!')." -Laura Paulisich, founder ToxyFree

Citizens around the world are quickly realizing the dire consequences of purchasing cheaply-produced products. Is it worth it? (Slow Death by Rubber DuckThe Obesogen Effect