from Dr Leo Trasande's book SICKER FATTER POORER

Only when we understand the astronomical burden to society, government, and the economy itself when the connection between chemicals and their effects go unchecked will our society effect true, lasting change through regulation. But it’s also really important that each of us makes his or her voice heard. All of us ordinary citizens have the power and the right to influence — with our hashtags and our checkbooks. Our choices and habits matter...understand that these chemicals are real, they are dangerous, and they are deeply entrenched in the way most Americans live their lives. And, most urgently, these chemicals are not going away without strong action from all of us.

Hormones are molecules that our body uses to signal and communicate and hormone disrupters are chemicals that scramble those signals and attribute to disease. We know now of over 1,000 chemicals that are hormone disrupters.

...reducing our exposure to hormone disrupters is a very simple step people can take to lower the risk of harm...

[Hormone disrupters] scramble hormone signals and shift our diet and how it's transformed in our body into fat as opposed into muscle or other categories. The reality here is that there are safe and simple steps we can take to limit those exposures, which may be easier to accomplish as opposed to changing diet and physical activity, which can be more fundamentally difficult.


“Every bit of plastic that has been created still exists.”

“By 2050, the oceans will contain more plastic than fish by weight.”

“Plastic pollution is toxic to human health. Even babies are born pre-polluted.”

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