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Discovery 1: Nutrients

If my body does not receive the nutrients it needs, I will always be hungry. Wait! Whaaaaat?! This changes everything! It is so simple! No more blaming and shaming myself about still being hungry after eating my whole dinner! This isn't about me! This is about the food!     

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Accidental Pilgrim

During the fall of 2014, I was searching online for volunteer opportunities. The Internet continually directed me to the website I became intrigued and perused through all the interesting groups and categories. I discovered a group called Camino. I read the description (a pilgrimage across Spain) and immediately joined the group even though I had no money for travel. I intended to participate as observer by walking, listening and experiencing the Camino through others (if they let me!). On January 1st 2015, I attended my first Camino Meetup. We went for a hike and "talked and walked Camino.” I quickly learned that these people were some of the most genuine, generous, enthusiastic adventurers I had ever met! Everyone approached...

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