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The Power of Food

“Many of our grandparents and great-grandparents also recognized the power of food, feeding their families organ meats and spooning out cod liver oil. Somehow this knowledge has slowly faded away, while processed foods have taken center stage.”      Katherine Erlich MD & Kelly Genzlinger CNC CMTA

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Eureka! Food Gold Discovery! Another Happy Week No 5

Ohhhhhhh myyyyyyyy! Food gold discovery! Deep fried chicken skins! Omega 3 balanced chicken skins (chickens eating the purest diet I have been able to find in United States!) + beef fat = ohhhhh myyyy deliciousness!! iLOVE using lemons to clean the house, kitchen and all of my unglazed, natural clay cookware. I remember reading from so many cooking guides to not use soaps when cleaning cast iron and other cookware to keep from tainting future food flavors. Then after learning more about toxins, I especially refrained from conventional/convenient cleaning habits. Now I regularly use lemons for all of my cleaning and disinfecting! I squeeze lemon juice onto pans, jars, silverware, surfaces. I use cut lemons as a scrub brush and...

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