WOW!!! I'm so inLOVE! Another Happy Week No. 33

Posted by Laura Paulisich on

WOW!!! I'm so inLOVE! This newly discovered coconut oil (thank you Miller's Organic Farm!) is like nothing I've ever tasted! Fruity, creamy, DELICIOUS!!! 

WOW!!! I'm so inLOVE! How lucky to discover this amazing farm (thank you Local Harvest!)! Organic, beautiful, DELICIOUS decorations!!!!

WOW!!! I'm so inLOVE! I've been a customer and #SuperFan for years now but WOW!!! the bison brisket bones I special ordered are excruciatingly DELICIOUS!!!

WOW!!! I'm so inLOVE! Etsy saves and inspires all-in-one!!! Replaced toxin-free, biodegradable AND beautiful knee-high socks and received insider information about the most BEAUTIFUL (and biodegradable!) toxin-free scarf ever!!!! DELICIOUS toxin-free, ten-item wardrobe!!!! (AND Rumi is inLOVE with his "new" pair of inherited toxin-free knee-high socks with holes! iLOVED them too!)

WOW!!! I'm so inLOVE AND Another Happy Week!!! iLOVE @fuatinoscoconutoil @oakhillorganics @northstarbison @ATIdesign @FableandAster @milleta 

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