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“Our Tulsi bedsheet set is dyed primarily with Holy Basil (Tulsi) which is one of the most powerful known adaptogens helping the body adapt to stress.

100 % Certified Organic Cotton(GOTS certified) 250 thread count Sateen Weave

100% Organically Grown or Wild-Crafted, Sustainably harvested plants and herbs

Main Ingredients in the dyeing concoction: Holy Basilica (Tulsi) 3 types- Krishna, Rama and Vana (truly wild) & Cassiatora linn. Balancing across all Doshas (Ayurvedic Body Types). Other key herbs/plants used: Wild-Crafted Cinnamon (Cinnamomum Zeylanicum), White Turmeric (Curcuma Zedoaria), Diospyros, Eugenia Jombolana, Wild-Crafted Adhatoda Vasica

The use of the Tulsi plant goes back 5000 years in India and it also finds extensive mention in Indian mythology. Known as Holy or Sacred Basil, it is one of the most powerful adaptogens, balancing different processes in the body, and greatly helping one adapt to stress. The Tulsi plant itself is worshiped traditionally in households for protection from illnesses and misery. The leaves of the Tulsi plant are used for treating cough, cold, headaches, stomach disorders, inflammation and many other illnesses.” - Vastra



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