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WILDCRAFT verb | ‘wīldkraft | gather herbs, plants, and fungi from the wild

As I learned more and more about nutrition, I realized there are so many modern obstacles for finding nutrients! I started thinking about the diets of the animals I was eating. At first I thought hunting “wild” animals was the answer. I imagined the animals roaming in my area free of feed lots and antibiotics, but then I remembered that they would have access to the G.M.O. corn fields sprayed with chemicals. I realized that I would need to find farmers who farm naturally (the most “wild” option). The eatwild.com website provides such a valuable service by creating a directory to help people find grass-fed animals. Even when I find a farm, I ask many, many questions! Some consider themselves natural and 100% grass-fed but then feed grain or corn to catch the animals. I am always hunting for wildcrafted food, clothing, and shelter ingredients.

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