When Life Gives You Boneless T-Bones Make Fatty Steak Bites!!! Another Happy Week No 72

Posted by Laura Paulisich on

I found out some more information about the boneless T-bones from the second butcher shop I will be using for more meat! They said that if the animal is more than 30 months old then the USDA does not allow butcher shops to cut the back bone. When pressing for answers:) the shop admitted that this is (way) OVERreacting by the USDA because the Mad Cow threat would be SO rare for small farm, healthy animals! 

A huge positive that came about from the boneless t-bones (!!!) is that I decided to make jerky using the boneless steaks and the directions said to make sure to cut all of the fat off of the meat. I ended up with a large dish filled with fatty steak bites!!! WOWZA!!! I pan fried them using plenty of natural, traditionally-made fats and they were DELICIOUS!!!! #YAY!!! #soexcited!!!

I've also been experiencing so many happy feelings after reading this book about obesogens! The book shares endless information about the dangers of toxins from our food, clothing, shelter (that I have been eliminating for so many years!). The book offered data that I don't usually read or see advertised anywhere but have been following instinctually on my own! Everything the book was suggesting I've already been doing!!!! #myhappylifeforsale

Fatty Steak Bites from Boneless T-Bones! Another Happy Week!!! 

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