What's In My (toxin-free) Bag?

Posted by Laura Paulisich on

WHAT’S IN MY(toxin-free)BAG?

handmade roller ball perfume

essential oil as perfume

organic clove “lozenges” for fresh breath

peppermint essential oil for emergency fresh breath (ONE drop on tongue in emergencies)

handmade body butter lip balm

lemon essential oil as hand sanitizer

current Weston Price Shopping Guide

small (enriching) book (5” x 5” Essential Oils or Four Agreements or Fail, Fail Better)

homemade small biodegradable ideabook

toxin-free tissues

sometimes toxin-free yarn and toxin-free wooden knitting needles

organic cotton shopping tote

Indian ink pens (different tips)

Raw Cedarwood pencils

sometimes raw wood colored pencils

sometimes Wise Traditions magazine

sometimes Dogs Naturally magazine

Note: use most of the items daily, some weekly and a few rarely



What used to be in my bag: cute container tissues, cute label hand sanitizer, cute container mints, more cute container mints, smaller cute handbags and pouches, cute container mirror, cute container lip balm, more cute container lip balm, another cute container lip balm, cute notepad, cute pen, two or three pairs of cute sunglasses, cute container first aid kit, cute container travel kit, Lucky (shopping) magazine, Anthropologie (shopping) catalog, checkbook, two or three cute wallets (couldn’t ever decide), cute socks, cute containers of lotion and powder and perfume, sometimes cute shoes, cute kitschy objects, cute sweater, cute travel photo album, cute book. Note: I rarely used anything in the bag!     

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