What I Do: SLEEP

1. invest in pure, natural, organic bedding and mattress

2. create total darkness (also avoid artificial light and use yellow light bulbs)

3. cultivate happy sleep through a happy spirit (monitor what I input into my brain during the day)

4. sleep almost always 8-10 hours

5. nightly ritual: homemade organic magnesium spray on my feet and gums

6. monitor the monitor (especially hours before sleep) (install “f.lux” for less harsh screen light)

7. wake naturally without an alarm clock

8. electronics-free bedroom (also unplug Wi-Fi connection before sleeping)

9. consistent routine (repeat, repeat, repeat)

10. COMMITMENT (it takes total discipline and commitment to turn off monitors and to stay true to values with all of the available distractions) troubleshooting when unable to sleep: keeping eyes closed, staying in bed and continuing total darkness; syncing my breathing with noises or other breathing/snoring; thinking about where outbreath meets inbreath

What I did: bought many, many different kinds of toxin-filled sheets and blankets based on “cuteness” but rarely felt satisfied with any of them; mindlessly watched tv or surfed the Internet too tired to get into bed then set an alarm to force myself awake in time for work; always felt tired; always hit snooze on the alarm; always felt hungry and rarely felt full or satiated; had stressful dreams

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