WHAT I DO: Decorating

1. decorate with useful belongings (kitchen tools, cookware, sweaters, shoes)

2. decorate with nature! (rocks, stacked rocks, birch bark, crystals, drying flowers)

3. decorate with wall collages (photos, tools, magnets)

4. decorate with open shelving (sweaters, shoes, cookware, tools, yarn)

5. decorate with buffalo rugs and sheepskins (used as bedding)

6. decorate walls with paper flowers made from toxin-free tissue

7. use Infinity Jars for all homemade household products using biodegradable tape and Indian ink pens to write labels 



What I did: decorated with hundreds of books, unused kitchen appliances, furniture in every room (overextended with a home equity loan), lamps, tables, hundreds of textiles always changing based on“cuteness” (kitchen towels, washclothes, hand towels, bath towels, beach towels, sheets, pillowcases, blankets, blankets, blankets), bags, baskets, CDs, DVDs, wall hangings, calendars, desks...all justified as“necessities!”   

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