What I Do: Cooking

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1. find the absolute purest, most impeccable ingredients (considering soil, plant, and animal health)

2. prepare ingredients simply (removing from freezer, thawing if necessary, adding salt and massaging organic real oil into its surface to marinate for 1 hour or 1+ days), always eat/cook food at room temperature, eat raw or cook LOW and SLOW 150 degrees overnight, reheat for an hour at 150 degrees, use traditional toxin-free cookware and real fat (A LOT of fat), reuse fat and cooking juices as dressings or dips or for more cooking

3. use all senses (listening for sizzling; smelling aromas during heating; looking, touching, and tasting)

4. make bone broth often for freezing and for consuming daily

5. have learned that the best flavor is in the cooking juices, little bits, and fat

6. have learned that salt and fat are secret-ingredient weapons (I search for the best of both)

7. heat is a tool! sometimes I use the top of a warm oven when I want to apply really gentle heat; sometimes I use the heat from a cooling pan to delicately wilt leafy greens or herbs





What I did: I remember seeing the movie Julia & Julie in the theater and deciding I wanted to learn how to cook! After reading several books from the library I remember calling my mom on the phone crying, “Mom! Do I have to make broth from scratch?!” and she replied, “No one makes broth from scratch! They sell it in one of the aisles at the co-op...broth-in-a-box!”


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