What I Do: Clothing

1. follow Jennifer L. Scott’s ten-item wardrobe suggestions but with toxin-free clothing and shoes

2. find organic cotton, hemp, wool, velour, fleece, thermal, silk, denim fabrics

3. search for and sometimes find textiles colored with natural and plant dyes and colorgrown colors

4. have most clothing custom made by Gaia Conceptions and some custom made by Etsy

5. knit or crochet some clothing using organic cotton or wool yarn

6. interchange all clothing into endless outfits because of harmonious natural colors

7. use all of my clothing and shoes until unwearable and then use the material to make other things (cutoffs, swimwear, pillows, rugs, rags, dog bedding, etc.) (Everything is so valuable to me now: it is impossible to discard! This is such a drastic difference from my previous habit of constantly consuming and discarding.)




What I did: purchased endless “cute” clothing and shoes wasting time, energy, money, and spirit (a relentless cycle of feeling shameful about unused items paired with the insatiable desire for wanting more items). I also felt overwhelmed by keeping track of everything, choosing what to wear, piles of laundry, overstuffed closets, knowing how much I was spending and then bewildered by the fact that I always ended up wearing the same few pieces of clothing over and over!

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