Water, Water, Filtered Water! Another Happy Week No 73

Posted by Laura Paulisich on

I'm SO grateful for the new water filter Behzad installed!!! I've been enjoying such delicious water!  I recently learned that the water filter I had professionally installed a few years ago was not certified to remove fluoride, so I could not be certain fluoride was being removed!!! Fluoride consumption for me is particularly dangerous because of my autoimmune disease! #Behzad!!!! #thankyousomuch!!!   

I have been adding these to the beautiful filtered water!!! Before reading and researching, I didn't ever know that our water is stripped of all of its natural minerals! Early humans used to meet their calcium and magnesium requirements from water!!! Now it is not happening! Putting the minerals back in the water makes it sweet tasting and I crave it so much!!! #delicious! #whoknew? #sograteful!!!

I remember for most of my life forcing (!!!!) myself to drink water! It was torture! I knew I was supposed to drink several glasses of water during each day, and I always wanted to be healthy! It was so difficult for me because the water tasted so unappealing! Now I know it wasn't real water!!! 

Behzad has been loving a new keto ice cream flavor during his transition to keto! I modified this recipe by adding cream and a few other adjustments, and he has been eating it happily every day! It seems like he may be in ketosis because he does not need to eat very often and does not experience the recurring hunger of being a sugar-burner. #success!

So many happy happenings for Another Happy Week! #sograteful!

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