Walking Winter Wonderlands! Another Happy Week No 85

Posted by Laura Paulisich on

#walkwalkwalk @winterwonderlands :)

So grateful for walking winter wonderlands! The river is frozen and river walking has begun! Happy dogs! Happy humans! #frolic

So grateful for family and friends! #connections

So grateful for Loki Fish! The usual fall order (6 whole sockeye salmon) was joyously eaten many weeks ago! I tried to order more and everything is sold out! I researched the nutritional value of pink salmon (limited quantities) and found out it is an excellent source of vitamin D (110%!!! perfect for sunless winters!) and selenium (45%)!!! 12 whole pink salmon are on their way along with 12 jars of salmon roe!!! #superfoods 

Superfoods! Superhappy! Another (Super)Happy Week!

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