Uncluttered Camino

In addition to having a daily destination and uncumbersome notes to follow, I was totally free of daily stress about “where I was going to stay”or “how far I was going to walk.” For me, these questions clutter my mind, spirit and ultimately my existence/experience. When cluttered, I lose my way and accomplish little. Instead, I experienced total freedom to enjoy every minute of walking, meeting people and seeing the unending beauty of Spain. I was 100% present for the Camino! It was the most fulfilling, uplifting feeling of freedom and joy to experience the Camino in its utmost divinity. MIRACLE!


  • Laura Paulisich

    Thank you so much! I appreciate your time to comment and am so excited to hear about you doing the Camino Keto!!!! I have information about this in my book! Here are a few of the pages I thought might be helpful!!! https://plus.google.com/112151920596567919731/posts/VQrhakKzBvL
    I’m here if you have questions!!! iLOVE the Camino! and Keto! and helping!!!

  • marylouise

    love your posts. I am planning on doing the Camino in April. I am also Keto. How did you keep your way of eating on the Way? thanks.

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