Travel Tips I Used

Travel Tips I Used


-registering my trip with
-syncing my breathing with the sound of snoring to help myself fall asleep
-staying hydrated before/during/after flights using a filtered water bottle
-immediately adapting to current time zone
-carrying an extra passport photo for easy emergency replacement
-photographing and then emailing myself photos of all documents (credit cards, ID, passport)

-photographing and then emailing myself photos of everything in backpack
-bedbug spray (lavender/tea tree oils and water)
-mailing purchases and provisions
-public transportation
-using Facebook Messenger and iPod messaging instead of a phone
-making advanced reservations whenever possible and calling to confirm
-learning basic words to communicate in Spanish, French, German
-purchasing train tickets online
-opening an account with Andrews Federal Credit Union
-using several different payment options (cash, credit cards, debit cards)
-using debit and credit cards with no foreign transaction fees
-adapter for iPod charger (a few savvy pilgrims brought multi-outlet adapters)
-ITIC (International Teacher Identity Card) discounts
-reading/learning as much as possible about Spain, the Camino and travel
-downloading map, currency, time zone and translation apps
-registering travel information/dates/times with credit card companies and banks before departing

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