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So grateful for this company! So grateful for toxin-free masks! Who knew about the chemical fabric softeners and optical brighteners that even organic apparel uses?!?! #colorgrowncotton #toxinfreemasks #hello!happiness  

From the tag: Sustain is dedicated to creating apparel that is 100% natural by using organic fabrics, threads, labels and natural dyes. Sustain's clothing contains no synthetic fibers or toxic dyes. 

This piece is made with undyed organic fabric, sewing thread and labels.

Health Benefits: A relief for sensitive skin, this piece is made without the use of dyes, optical brighteners and chemical fabric softeners commonly used by both conventional and other organic apparel. It's just pure, clean cotton.

Sustainability: By using organic fibers, and not using dyes and other chemicals, Sustain is using less resources and preventing the release of harmful chemicals into our environment.

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From their website: Did you know studies prove you absorb chemicals and pesticides laced within the fibers of your clothes… right into your skin? Sustain offers a better alternative. Made from organic fibers and holistic, natural dyeing techniques - our styles are a welcome relief for anyone looking to heal and soothe skin concerns, or simply be more proactive about their health. We make considerate, conscious clothing, that loves you back.

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