Toxin-free is Plastic-free! Hurray! Hurray! Another Happy Week No 104

Behzad and I have been working diligently on eliminating all future plastic purchases! We solved the problem of freezing food with this biodegradable butcher paper. It has been working so well! #sograteful  

We purchased these beauties to solve plastic, disposable pens! #sosupergrateful

For several years I have been purchasing natural food, clothing, & shelter for health (& then happiness!). Last year, I learned about the plastic islands in the ocean and have become determined to eliminate purchasing any future plastic! Thankfully, toxin-free & natural food, clothing, & shelter are plastic free too!!!

Just received these beautiful plastic-free artisan scissors & real scissors

Toxin(&plastic)-free Another Happy(&healthy) Week!!! #lovelovelove

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