The Skinny on Fat

The Skinny on Fat


1. Eating healthy fat creates happiness! The satiation, increased energy, brain care and resolution of health problems create better mental health including a positive and optimistic view of life.

2. By feeding my body what it needs (nutrients and fat), hunger and cravings are eliminated. If I ever find myself hungry I always investigate my diet to ensure proper nutrients and fat consumption.

3. Healthy, traditional fats include pork lard, beef/lamb/bison fat, butter, ghee, meat fats, egg yolks, traditionally-made olive oil, coconut oil and cod-liver oil.

4. Costa Rica, famous for many centenarians, reports families of 7-8 people butchering one pig a month and rendering 5 gallons of fat (that is almost 1 gallon of fat per person per month).

5. Masai tribes drink at least a gallon of milk per day (3/4 of a pound of butterfat a day) and consume 4-10 pounds of meat at a festival.

6. 60% of the brain is fat. Eating healthy fat feeds the brain.

7. Eating healthy fat feeds our cells for proper cell functioning.

8. Coconut oil increases metabolism!

9. Obesity is a sign that that person’s cells are more sensitive to insulin (carbohydrates) than other people’s cells.

10. “If you have a weight problem it is not your fault!” - Gary Taubes (Get rid of the carbs! Don’t eat the foods that make you fat! The leanest you can be is on the diet with the fewest carbohydrates.)

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