The Food I Ate While Hiking the Camino


1. aged raw-milk cheese from pastured animals

2. Ibérico de bellota (semi-wild pig eating 100% Holm Oak acorn diet)

3. traditionally-made chorizo from pastured animals

4. traditionally-made and chemically-free/organic olive oil

5. canned sardines in olive oil & sea salt

6. canned octopus in water

7. local organic bottled & canned asparagus in water & sea salt

8. canned cod liver in oil

9. avocado

10. local eggs from small village homes

11. tomatoes, red lettuce, basil, cucumbers

12. 100% cacao

13. paprika

14. bacon made with only salt from pastured animals

15. fresh octopus, barnacles, crab, clam, squid

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