The Benefits of Bone Broth

The Benefits of Bone Broth

I used to be “normal:” television watching; yo-yo dieting; stressed about weight, health, and food; unsure how to prepare food and what exactly to eat; always hungry; always thinking about food; always confused about food (what to buy and how to prepare it); shopping; spending; discarding of spoiled food and unworn clothes, unread books, unused belongings; stressing about credit card debts; constantly shopping for food, clothing, belongings, books; rearranging belongings; throwing away excess belongings; collapsing on the couch; zoning out with television; feeling lost, confused, wasteful, wanting, stressed, unsatisfied, and sometimes depressed.

Now that I have discovered a new way of living, I have spent several years without any of those feelings and behaviors! By discovering a purpose for eating, wearing, and living, I gained clarity, equanimity and joy. Today my life is extremely different! I have no tv, no couch, no diets, no yo-yo weight changes, no waste, no unnecessary debt, no stress! Instead I have freedom, fun, happiness and joy. My life is filled with the most nutritious and delicious food, endless energy, the softest and most comfortable clothing and bedding, inspiring surroundings, pure smells, spirit-filled living and enriching activities. 

The smallest shift in thinking transformed life forever: food is only natural food. By removing processed food as an edible option, I removed all the accompanying fear, confusion, guilt, shame, obsession and stress. After this metamorphosis, I discovered the bliss of providing my body with what it craves: impeccable ingredients from impeccably healthy plants and animals from impeccably healthy soil. It is so easy it is difficult! I lived overwhelmed with all of the “choices” visually permeating the United States. I struggled endlessly every day with trying to “make the right choices.” What I didn’t realize was by including all of the “food” offered in the United States, I was damaging my physical senses and my emotional psyche with addictive chemicals. I lived in constant confusion and obsession about what to eat. I lived in constant shame and guilt if I indulged in something I knew was “bad.” I lived in constant emotional madness of “abstaining” then “giving in” then “remorse.” I knew on a deep level that it had to be simple. I longed for peace, equanimity and satiation. By realizing that the purpose of food is to feed our body the nutrients it requires and without those nutrients it will continue to crave and be hungry, I empowered myself with and reignited the health and happiness that are birthrights. Now I live knowing I do my absolute best to provide my body with the most impeccable ingredients possible, and that effort has proven to provide ultimate freedom from any and all outcomes! I have incredible equanimity know- ing if anything happens to me, I did everything possible to provide myself with the nutrition humans require. Every day I look back and think “I ate my best,” and it creates ultimate equanimity, harmony, and joy.

I've been thinking so much about the upcoming year and trying to decide what would be the most helpful advice if I was at the beginning of my path for natural living. Without a doubt, nutrient-dense natural food and restorative natural sleep are at the top of the list. These two shifts absolutely transformed life for me.
So where would I start? Nutrient-dense food is where I started. From what I've learned and experienced, bone broth is the most impacting nutrient-dense food. I still to this day include it in my life with every meal. The benefits of including bone broth daily are long and listed here:
Source of beneficial amino acids.
Good for digestion and gut health.
May support immune function.
Supports the production of anti-aging molecules. 
May support weight loss.
May support joint health.
Might help you to get to sleep. (BBC)
Collagen: A beauty aid for healthy hair, skin and nails, and it strengthens connective tissues and joints.
Amino acids: they’re easily absorbed in broth and build tissues, muscles and bones.
Electrolytes: you’ll get key electrolytes, including calcium, potassium, sodium and magnesium.
Vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients: if you add veggies and herbs.
Digestive benefits: potential gut healing and anti-diarrheal properties. (Cleveland Clinic)
For tooth decay: “Homemade broths are one of the most potent medicines for tooth decay (1-2 cups/day as tea, soups, stews, or gravy).” -Ramiel Nagel

For alcoholism: "A mug of genuine bone broth morning and evening can be the alcoholic’s best friend, providing key nutrients for neuro-transmitters and calming feel-good chemicals. Beware of substitutes—broth made from bouillon cubes, cheap soup made from powdered “bases,” and any processed food to which MSG in all its guises is added—in other words, all processed foods. MSG works very differently in the body compared to the natural glutamic acid in real broth." -Sally Fallon

I make bison bone broth 1-2 times each month and freeze the batch in glass jars so that I have enough each day for 1-2 cups for each person. At our house, we drink broth.

I purchase Northstar Bison ingredients at ToxyFree and thaw them overnight. Then,
I put everything except the marrow bones in our unglazed clay cookware. Then I flip the lid and cover a piece of parchment paper to seal the contents and place the marrow bones on top of the flipped lid.

I slow roast all day or night at 225 degrees in the oven. Sometimes I only roast them for around 4 hours or until the marrow becomes bubbly. At this point, I pull the soup bone meat off of the bone and dip it into the bubbly marrow with sea salt for part of my daily meal. As I finish each of the bones, I put them back inside the soup pot.

Once I’ve finished eating what I want from the roasted bone medley, I cover the bones with filtered water and squeeze an organic lemon into the water. I let it sit for 1 hour before putting it onto the stovetop burner at the lowest temperature to just create
a “glug” “glug” movement of the water (simmer). Some people bring to a boil and reduce to a simmer which requires skimming the “scum” from the top of the surface and then letting it simmer.

Recipes vary but I’ve evolved to keeping my broth on the stovetop for several days. Recipes say anywhere from 4 hours to 24 hours to 48 hours!

For chicken and fish broth: use 1/2 organic lemon and let sit for 30 minutes before putting it on the stovetop. No need to roast the bones.

Some people collect bones from their meals and save them in the freezer until they have enough for broth. I’ve had decent luck with this but it does not get gelatinous. Some people also talk about making broth more than once with the same bones; I did not have success with this method either.

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