Lucky Talisman! Another Happy Week No. 17

Posted by Laura Paulisich on

I've been obsessed with finding a talisman!!!

I didn't even know the word talisman a few weeks ago! Within 24 hours, I read the word in two different books: Mademoiselle Chanel & Shooting with Soul (I made these fun pinterest boards, MC & SwS, to accompany reading!). I took the synchronicity as a sign to pursue this new (& intriguing) notion and have been obsessed with finding one ever since!

I want to live as Chanel and others: protected and guided by magical good luck! I also instinctually knew it as a way to connect, honor and acknowledge the collective consciousness! So excited!

Finding REAL material jewelry is a whole new "can of worms"! Uggh! It takes FOREVER searching for and learning about what is real! I learned about palladium; in between gold and platinum, it is the more affordable pure & real material.

Inspired by and similar to Chanel, I decided I must honor my birth by going with the lion for Leo! I'm SO EXCITED!!!! This is a real investment for me, but the daily happiness is worth it!

SO EXCITED for Another Happy Week!!!!! Thank you #Pyrrha! Thank you #Sorella!

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