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Facebook on the Camino

Before walking the Camino, I always had a fear of Facebook. As I started meeting people on the Camino and not wanting to lose them, I faced my fear and joined. It was also so much easier and faster to share my photos and communicate with everyone back home. I was able to immediately connect with new Camino friends (I did not have my phone), and the people back home were so encouraging and loving in their messages. I was overwhelmed with gratitude for the whole system. I also appreciated being able to use Messenger to speak individually with people as though I did have my phone. I am so grateful for joining Facebook because I still communicate with the...

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Camino Learning

Walking the Camino was a phenomenal way for me to practice living in the moment. If I thought ahead, it caused distraction from finding my way. It also was a great lesson in faith. There were so many unknowns especially not knowing if I could make it! Back home, whenever I feel my spirit spiraling or my faith falling, I hear myself say “chin up young person!” (from the book/movie The Object of My Affection). It always seems to help. I am so fortunate to be a naturally happy, positive person, but there are times (almost always when I am tired) when I lose my faith. It is a very uncomfortable feeling that can often cause panic or desperation. I...

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