Summertime Steaktime! Another Happy Week No 7

Even though I read endlessly about food, nutrition, and cooking, cooking steak is TOUGH!!! #punintended! Since I always crave steak with fresh tarragon in the summer, I have been experimenting and now recently found THE WAY (for me!) to enjoy eating and cooking steak! 

Salt, slather in olive oil, cover in fresh tarragon (this is my favorite for steak!), marinate 12, 24, 36 or ? hours (depends on my schedule and appetite!), heat beef fat on medium (or slightly below medium..."4" out of "10" on my stovetop) until smoking in this pan, sear (hopefully a crusty, golden brown) on both sides (a few minutes each side), remove and put back in the olive oil marinade. I eat a few bites immediately but then save for the next few days. It gets so much better with age and a little oven rewarming at 150° in the marinade pan! #genius!

Add to this fresh-picked herbs from the backyard and my happy life is H E A V E N ! ! ! !

Yay for Another Happy Week!

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