Successful Underarm Strategy

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I was so excited to read in Sally Fallon’s book about fat that tea tree oil mixed with coconut oil can be used as deodorant. I loved this idea! I used it for several months but eventually disliked the smell. .

After more searching, I tried mixing peppermint oil with almond oil in a small container. I love this method! The aroma and the feel of the oil are delicious!

I also read that Wellness Mama sprays her transdermal therapy magnesium spray on her underarms each night as a deodorant. After several successful months now, my Successful Underarm Strategy is to include the underarms at night when I am spraying magnesium spray for transdermal therapy, then in the morning I rub the peppermint oil mixture under my arms. Every once in a while I will spray a layer of witch hazel. HELLO! HAPPINESS



1. drink daily bone broth

2. eat a nutrient-dense plant and animal diet


1. remineralizing tooth powder (turmeric + activated charcoal + bentonite clay + Celtic sea salt)

2. tooth powder (baking soda + Celtic sea salt + clove oil + peppermint oil + arrowroot powder)

3. Hydrofloss gum cleaner (warm water + sea salt)

4. peppermint drop on tongue (if necessary)

5. organic clove “lozenge” (if necessary)

6. whipped body butter as lip balm

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