Starting Point

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Starting point
Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, France

Ending point
Finisterre, Spain

Total miles
550 miles (plus additional detour miles)

Total days to walk across Spain
31 days (June 14 - July 14)

natural rubber flip-flops (4 pairs)

2 skirts (organic cotton/naturally dyed/zipper pouch)

2 tube tops/tube dresses (organic cotton/naturally dyed)

1 scarf/shawl/towel (organic silk)

1 tank top/dress (organic cotton/naturally dyed)

“rain gear”: waterproof/sunproof parasol (leather oiled) & 2 plastic garbage bags

1 wooden toothbrush with natural bristles

baking soda/sea salt/peppermint oil tooth powder

1 small glass spray bottle of bed bug/body spray/sleep aromatherapy (lavender oil/tea tree oil/filtered water)

1 week supply of food (grass-fed, raw & aged cheese; mountain grass-fed artisan chorizo &/or acorn-fed, semi-wild pork; organic extra virgin olive oil)

money, passport, iPod


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