Spirit: What I Do

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1. READ as much as possible! Reading for me is the ultimate way to input inspiring to output inspiring!

2. STUDY the most inspiring reading in order to retrain my brain for the positive

3. PRACTICE gratitude (noticing everything I am grateful for; listing everything I am grateful for; communicating when I am grateful for something; find gratitude even if not feeling grateful)

4. PRACTICE living one moment at a time (noticing when I start thinking about other things during activities like eating, driving, talking with someone...the more I practice this the faster I can recognize it and return to the moment)

5. PRACTICE separating myself from brain chatter (trying to watch myself like watching a movie; watching the way my brain works as if I was a compassionate friend or loved one)

6. RECOGNIZE stress and question the thinking behind it (if a thought is causing stress it is not true; tracing the thought backwards to its origins...it always seems to be trying to prove that I am worthy)

7. PARTICIPATE in healthy communities (accountability partners, fellowships, organizations, retreats, events)

8. INPUT enriching experiences (literature, film, art, architecture, museums, music, service)

9. LEARNING as much as possible from everyone and everything

10. KEEP GOING in a positive direction (always moving forward; always having faith even if not feeling faith; always doing something positive; always contributing to my well-being)

11. ON THE LOOKOUT for ways to contribute to and serve the world! (leave it a better place than when I arrived)

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