Spain Food Gems

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Ibérico de bellota: 100% acorn-fed, semi-wild foraging pig

Paprika: the valley of La Vera hand-harvested, dehydrated, smoked slowly by oak-wood fires over 10-15 days turning peppers by hand finely ground in traditional stone mills

mercados: covered food markets

cocina de mercado: market cooking; straightforward cooking techniques simple cafés serving fresh products surrounding them in the markets
*individually owned stalls offer cured sausages and diverse cheeses

saffron: the most expensive spice in the world

Conservas Ramón Peña in Cambados, Galicia: more workshop than factory; everything is natural as done at home; detailed, meticulous, no shortcuts; bay leaf, garlic, hand-packed mussels; traditional/artisinal methods, finest raw materials

Cordero: lamb/sheep roast suckling lamb slid from the wood-burning oven of centuries old, tile-walled mesón

le Chazo: suckling lamb
asadores: traditional restaurants that roast in wood ovens

Restaurante Asados Nazareno in the ancient market town of Roa: "the Cristóbal family preparing one dish to perfection lechazo, or roast cordero lechal (suckling lamb) master roaster, octogenarian Javier Cristóbal, places them on wide earthenware dishes and slides them into the restaurant’s deep, wood-burning ovens no herbs, no garlic, just some manteca (lard) salt & a touch of water the quality of the animal must be perfection: 24 days old, 22-24 lbs, nearly wild, need to walk for food, the mothers eating the dry herb"

wood-roasted meats: "ancient city of Segovia stands out for its numerous centuries-old mesones serving cochinillo (suckling pig) a certified cochinillo de Segovia is no more than 21 days old and weighs 10-12 lbs, slow-roasted whole in oval earthenware dishes with minimal condiments- lard, salt and touch of water"

bacalao: dried salt fish

merluza a la gallega: steamed hake in a Galician paprika sauce

a la llosa: local trout cooked on a slate slab over hot coals

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