Soapbox Alert! Happy Countries

Posted by Laura Paulisich on

I remember reading here that the people of Denmark live without the stress of unemployment/lack of basic needs because of its generous unemployment program thus increasing the country's overall happiness! (They usually rank #1 in the world!)!

It makes sense! Without basic needs being met (or the threat of not being met or the wondering if they will not be met!) extreme stress exists!!! Stressfulness stifles happiness!

With the US statistics of 90% of the population "owning" the smallest amount of wealth of the country, we are still the Wild Frontier/Every-Man-for-Himself! Yikes! Imagine a country ethic that considers the well-being of all its citizens and works to create and ensure well-being for all its citizens!!! Hello Happy Denmark! 

Once I extracted myself from the US system of "consume & discard" (& also not having a savings account!) and focused on meeting my basic needs with REAL food/clothing/belongings, my happiness soared! 

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