So Many Happiness Happenings!!! Another Happy Week No 105

Posted by Laura Paulisich on

So many happiness happenings! So grateful to have Dogs Naturally Magazine as a resource for returning naturalness to dogs! Learning more ways to prevent ticks naturally! Rose geranium and almond oil mixture for the hemp harness; powder for the coat, house, and yard; soap for bathing! 

So grateful for non-GMO, organic, heirloom seeds and plants!

So grateful for an artisan in the U.S. making this traditionally-made garden tool that miraculously makes gardening effortless and easy! The right tool really does make the difference! Hello! Happiness

So grateful for a water filter for the garden hose!

So grateful for a drinking safe garden hose!

So grateful for a 99.9% lead-free, all-brass hose nozzle!

So grateful for Another Happiness Happenings Happy Week! #thankyou!!!

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