Snow, Snow, Snow and Snow!!! Another Happy Week No 93

Posted by Laura Paulisich on

So much happiness wearing these during all the snow, snow, snow and more snow!!! Super grateful for all the dry warmth and wearability! Super cute too! #thankyousomuch @lechameau

I remember reading the toxin-free reports about the natural rubber when ordering boots for Behzad and now I know why chemically sensitive people don't have trouble while wearing these! #sograteful! #toxinfreeliving

We walk in the snow, snowshoe in the snow, shovel the snow, go to work in the snow, walk the dogs in the snow, go to the market in the snow wearing these boots and still, still, still after all these years warmth and beauty!!! #MIRACLE!  

After being with all the snow, it has been so fun watching Queen Sugar and reading this! #iLOVE @avaduvernay

Snow-filled happiness for Another Happy Week!!! #thankyousomuch


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