Slow Clothing Happiness!!! Another Happy Week No 140

Posted by Laura Paulisich on

I LOVE MY CLOTHES!!! They are so different now that they are natural, organic, plant-dyed, toxin-free! They offer so much purpose, warmth, comfort, protection, and JOY! Hello! Happiness

Slow Clothing is definitely a different way of shopping. Just like my food, I have to invest more money and plan ahead for ordering. Most of my clothing takes 4-6 weeks to arrive! I usually have to send my measurements, choose the fiber & natural color, choose the style, order, & pay the money to the artisan making the clothing. So much different than going to the store & buying on the spot! #mindful #meaningful #lasting

Super grateful for this awesomeness! We own two now because Behzad and I were always fighting over who would be able to wear it when we only owned one! 

Another Warm & Beautiful Happy Week of Wearing Handmade Sweaters! #plantdye #loveyousomuch #toxinfreeliving

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