Silky Silkiness!!! Another Happy Week No 65

Posted by Laura Paulisich on

iLOVE wild, natural and organic silk! I learned about heavenly silk when I hiked the Camino (BUEN CAMINO book). Some of its miraculous qualities include: keeping cool when hot and keeping warm when cold; fast drying; lightweight; tightly woven keeping bedbugs out; beauty! 

I've been so lucky to find silk bedding, silk pillowcases, silk dress, silk shirt, silk shoes, wild silk fabric (for making silk flowers). Recently, I just received these on sale!!! SO EXCITED! #thankyousomuch @veja

I've been watching Fed Up movie and learning so much about government and food corporations. #thankyousomuch @katiecouric

Learned so much in this book! Wow! Inspiring artist! Inspiring life! #genius #thankyousomuch @susangoldmanrubin

So grateful for more Another Happy Weeks!!! #thankyousomuch

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