Silk: The Camino Secret Ingredient

Posted by Laura Paulisich on

I spend a lot of money investing in a few items that make life blissful. With this evolution has come unsurpassed freedom and joy. A few tricks that proved to be key on the Camino were investing in real silk bedding and other high quality items. Using a silk sheet set, a dear friend helped me make a sleeping bag liner (required by albergues to place on top of every communal mattress). It kept me warm, cool, comforted and protected from bed bugs.Silk has a tightly woven weave which is difficult for bed bugs to enter. With the remaining silk, we made a towel that I also used as a shawl/scarf. This was also one of my most valuable possessions. It was extremely light to carry, kept me warm and cool, and also dried immediately. The silk system was monumental in my Camino happiness and success. MIRACLE!

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