Happiness Class: "Shopping"

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Traditionally produced coconut oil, shredded coconut, and coconut cream (tropicaltraditions.com $239.98)

Olive oil (2 bottles), cod liver oil, skate oil, turmeric, amla tablets (radiantlifecatalog.com $207.75)

LEMONS!! LIMES!!! So exciting! The best time of year for these beauties! I buy 10 lbs from farms listed on localharvest.org to preserve for the rest of the year! (Fenton Family Farm $36.95)

Sauerkraut (cabbage, sea salt) Season! One case for the year is a quart jar for every month. (Miller's Organic Farm $141.37)  

Kale, swiss chard, spinach, parsley, cilantro, baby bok choy, watercress from River Market. Thank you @california! #sograteful #chlorophyl! #leafygreens #freshfood ($40/week)

Organic rose hydrosol from localharvest.org! What a find!!! Impeccable procedure! Only organic rose petals and water distilled! (Rancho Shiraz Organic Farm $24.99)

Seeds! Glorious seeds! These gems provide backyard "shopping" for many months!!! Non-GMO, organic AND heirloom! (seedsavers.org $131.99)

Edible flower seeds! and a few leafy greens (botanicalinterests.com $29.57)

Microgreen seeds! for the year! (trueleafmarkets $131.20)

Spring pants! Indigo reorder! iLOVE these pants!!! 2 years of constant use; must replace this year! (gaiaconceptions.com $160)


Raw Meaty Bones dog food: chicken wings, backs, necks, heads, and gizzards (Nelson Grass Farm $406.54)

Fleur de Sel finishing salt (amazon.com $39.99)


1 gallon (4 quarts) fermented coconut oil, 8 quarts sauerkraut (millersorganicfarm.com $228.47)

Microgreen soil (trueleafmarket.com $54)

Alma tablets (amazon.com $44)

Radicchio, fresh dill, watercress, bok choy, swiss chard, spinach, arugula microgreens (River Market $55) 


Undergarments, sleepwear (faeriesdance.com $612.00)

Essential oils for flea and tick spray for 2-3 years (taosherb.com $92.55)

30 packs beef ground, 20 packs pork ground (dogs!) (millersorganicfarm.com $226.38) 

socks, bra tops, t-shirts ($250)

1/8 grassfed beef (Together Farms $350)

Foraged fiddleheads, wild ramps, cucumbers, leafy greens (Local Coops $50/week)


Spring dress! (gaiaconceptions.com $146.40)

Spring, summer, and fall espadrilles (soludos.com $153.60) still wearing them 2018

Cod liver oil, emu oil, amla (radiantlifecatalog.com $133.95)

Flip-flops (planetflops.com $140) enough for 2018 too!

beef back ribs (Farm on Wheels, St Paul Farmer's Market $100)


Veja silk tennies! (veja.com 145.83 Euro) still wearing 2018

Coconut oil, coconut creme (tropicaltraditions.com $197.21) 

Water filtration replacement filters, olive oil, olive oil soap (radiantlifecatalog.com $134.45)


Replacement organic fleece hoodie after 2-3 years constant use! (rawganique.com $150)

Wildcrafted witch hazel, pine cone extract, honeysuckle hydrosol! (goodsfromthewoods.com $87.80)

Cod liver oil (2), sardines & mackerel (dog food) (radiantlifecatalog.com $136.10)

Summer additions! 2 skirts! 2 shirts! (gaiaconceptions.com $257.75)

(radiantlifecatalog.com $135.65)

butcher cutting costs 1/2 whole beef (Olson's Woodville Meats $288.80)

beef back ribs (humans!), eggs + chicken wings (dogs!) (Farm on Wheels, St Paul Farmer's Market $123.66)


A few fall wardrobe pieces! dress! velour top + extra fabric! (gaiaconceptions.com $253.75)

Art masterpiece! but also can be worn as shoes:) (brothervellies.com $295.19)

beef back ribs (Farm on Wheels, St Paul Farmer's Market $89.88)


Lifetime LOVE knee-high boots! (bedstu.com $365.55)

Winter, Spring, Fall hiking (and cuteness!) boots! (po-zu.com 145.00 Euro)

Cod liver oil, skate oil, emu oil, amla, turmeric (radiantlifecatalog.com $192.85)

Dogs: 20 packs chicken wings, 10 packs gizzards, 20 packs ground beef with liver and heart, 20 chicken heads, 5 packs chicken thighs, 10 packs necks and backs, 10 packs beef ribs (millersorganicfarm.com $576.08)


Coconut oil, shredded coconut, coconut cream (tropicaltraditions.com $116.44)

Olive oil, cod liver oil, skate oil, turmeric, amla (radiantlifecatalog.com $226.30)

Raw Meaty Bones dog food: chicken legs, thighs, wings (farmonwheels.net $250)

Raw Green Tripe dog food (Northstarbison.com $229.55) 

6-8 whole salmon (lokifish.com $330)

butcher fees 1 whole beef & 1 whole lamb (Olson's Woodville Meats $532.92)


Winter wool! wool leggings and organic cotton turtleneck (gaiaconceptions.com $292.75)


Annual bison order but might be semi-annual! Bison marrow bones, knuckle bones, soup bones (12 packages each for once a month roasting and broth-making); 50 packages bison liver; 50 packages bison heart; 50 two-pound packages ground bison (the years I can afford it!); 50 packages bison neck bones (1 package each week as recreational dog bones); 3 boxes of raw green tripe (lasts half the year for the dogs and I reorder another time during the year!) $1,914.64

So exciting to order fresh decorative organic greens during the festive winter season! I'm inLOVE with this beautiful online store located in localharvest.org! THE most gorgeous and generous garlands and wreaths I've ever experienced! They last for months and are impeccable! Handmade and organic! WOW! (Oak Hill Organics $68.48)

Sea salt!

1 gallon fermented coconut oil, 1 quart sauerkraut, 20 chicken heads (Rumi) (millersorganicfarm.com $183.40)

2 pints fermented coconut oil, 46 chicken heads (Rumi), kefir grains (millersorganicfarm.com $166.57) 




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