While researching the toxins in cotton and clothing, I accidently read about the harmful toxins in U. S. manufactured mattresses. Like all of the previous learning, once I became aware I had to change.

Similar to finding toxin-free clothing, this started an equally daunting task. I felt like the bed and bedding were the most immediate concerns because of the significant time spent there and the most exposed skin and direct contact.

Next came towels, rugs, car seat coverings, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, cleaning supplies until eventually I found alternatives for all household items! 

I found more and more joy as purpose, usefulness, and freedom increased.

My walls and space are filled with inspiration: birch bark hearts, photo wall collages and murals, kitchen tool collages, open shelving to display handmade sweaters and shoes, open shelving to display traditionally-made clay cookware and olive wood dishes, crystal and rock wall and floor displays. So easy it is hard to believe it is possible: biodegradable and beautiful; useful and artistic. HELLO! HAPPINESS

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