Sea Salt and Scissors! Another Happy Week No 84

Posted by Laura Paulisich on

I've been so inLOVE with sea salt and scissors this week! I've had to reorder this, this, and this to keep the (finishing) salt pig full! After everything is cooked I finish the dish by sprinkling, sprinkling, sprinkling! #sodelicious! #sograteful! #toxinfree

When preparing to cook, I use coarse sea salt in a ceramic grinder to marinate and tenderize the plants and/or animals. I add olive oil for cold marinades and avocado oil/coconut oil/animal fat for high temperature cooking. Hello! Happiness

I've also been so grateful for the simple scissors I use EVERY day for almost EVERY kitchen task! #wow! I always keep a spare as backup because I use this tool so much. 

I learned about John Callahan after watching this! #wow! I discovered books by the New York Times! #wow! This and this

Simple salt and scissors: surprisingly and sensationally Another Happy Week! 

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