Sacred Ritual Recipes! Another Happy Week No 63

Posted by Laura Paulisich on

During the summer I make my homemade ritual recipes for most of the year! I've been revisiting the recipes and reordering the ingredients!

Sacred ritual recipe: Foot Scrub (magnesium salt + dead sea salt + dried organic hibiscus flowers + olive oil + peppermint essential oil)

Sacred ritual recipe: Remineralizing and Whitening Tooth Powder (turmeric + bentonite clay + activated charcoal + Celtic sea salt)

Sacred ritual recipe: Toothpowder (wildcrafted arrowroot powder + organic baking soda + Celtic sea salt + clove essential oil + peppermint essential oil)

So excited to have gotten to know Trevor Noah in this! iLOVE Momma Noah! 

So excited to have gotten to know the Lovings in this! WOW! #sograteful! (started a pinterest board!)

Loving so much the Another Happy Weeks!!! #thankyousomuch! #sograteful! 


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