Sacred Delivery: Another Happy Week No 4

Received a sacred delivery from Industry of All Nations!!! #SuperFan of this clean clothes company! So excited about the plant dye colors! Such a rare gem! Purchased 2 pairs of shoes (espadrilles & special sneakers), 2 basic t-shirts (white & grey), and 1 coverup madra shirt (the color I purchased called "2 Iron Dips"is gone! #solucky The color is created by dipping fabric into natural pigments a certain amount of times! #inLOVE). These are intended to be investments for my clean clothes accessories collection for my ten-item wardrobe! #fashionrevolution!!! #bettershoes #plantdyes #colorgrowncotton 

Also made more vanilla-infused coconut oil since I'm going through it more quickly without a pristine pork fat source! Finding the most pristine ingredients creates its deliciousness! Thank you @WestonPriceFoundationShoppingGuide!

 Such Another Happy Week!!!

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