Rose is a Rose is a Rose is a Rose! Another Happy Week No 42

Posted by Laura Paulisich on

What luck to be notified by email that the 1-year-old bare root wild rose plant is available! I ordered 3 plants for $18.00 and hope they will thrive and spread! So excited! #thankyousomuch @prairiemoonnursery 

I'm inLOVE with wild roses after reading about their importance and reverence throughout history! I've also been LOVING making homemade hydrosols, so naturally I started researching wild flowers. I didn't know rosa carolina is native to and grows wild across most of North America!!! 

Before the bare root wild rose plants became available I found these seeds! #thankyousomuch @sheffieldsseed

Until I can make my own, I'm inLOVE with this organic rose hydrosol. I wrote about it last week, but I have to repeat HOW MUCH I  L O V E  it! I spray it on my face, hair, clothes, and body every morning. Hello! Happiness #iloveyou @rsorganics

Serendipitously (or not?!), I have been obsessed with the color rose! I accidentally fell in love with this Instagram post and decided for spring I am ordering this dress in rose (natural plant dye)! SO EXCITED! #iloveyou @gaiaconceptions 

But it might have all started with this! I haven't been able to get this (rose) color out of my mind!!! I'm so lucky to be the proud owner:) #obsession #thankyousomuch @biotayarns

iLOVE rose and rose and rose and rose! Another Happy Week!

P.S. #thankyousomuch @gertrudestein "Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose."

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