Rer B Paris by Train

Rer B Paris by train is the fastest way to get from the airport to Paris!!!! A telephone agent from ISIS (an International Student/Teacher Identity Card) who helped me purchase my plane ticket to Paris told me that car travel from the airport to Paris is almost always congested taking hours to travel a short distance! She wisely urged me to take the train. With advanced research and travel notes, I was easily able to navigate the airport, train system, and language barriers! I am so grateful to the Internet sources/bloggers who meticulously describe the process (including photos) of how to navigate the train from the airport including train ticket purchasing and routes. I was able to walk off the plane, get cash, purchase a train ticket and paris museum pass, find the train, ride to Paris, and step out a block from Notre Dame and my hotel (Hotel-Dieu) all within an hour! MIRACLE!

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