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DIY bed and pillows from WWW.DIYNATURALBEDDING.COM (natural rubber slabs to build mattress, organic cotton mattress covers to hold the slabs, organic cotton and wool mattress toppers, organic cotton and wool comforters, organic cotton pillow covers to hold natural-material pillow fillings). I used all of these materials to make a queen-sized bed, a single bed that is also a couch, a dog bed, and a decorative pillow.

Many bedding supplies from WWW.RAWGANIQUE.COM (heirloom colorgrown linen sheets, colorgrown organic cotton flannel sheets, colorgrown organic cotton chenille blankets, colorgrown organic Irish-linen terry blanket, organic wool blankets, made-to-order organic wool and cotton comforter and mattress topper)

Some supplies from WWW.SLEEPNBEAUTY.COM (Mulberry organic silk pillowcases and sheets). I also made a silk sleeping liner for travel (Buen Camino book).

Some supplies from WWW.VASTRA.US (Ayurveda colorgrown organic sheets, pillow cases, duvet cover)

Most beloved toxin-free animal skins WWW.ORGANICSHEEPSKINS.COM (small baby-sized rugs/blankets) WWW.BRAINTAN.COM (Traditional Tanners brain-tanned buffalo robe)

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