Real Living Real Happiness

I grew up in Minnesota, birthplace of Target and Cub Foods; I learned early on about superstores and massive amounts of stuff! I know the innovative people who started these chains had the best intentions: to provide affordable food and clothing. After discovering the true joy of real food, real clothing and real shelter consumed with purpose, I know now that I was addicted to all of the stuff!

I remember the thrill of “having money” (teacher salary haha!) and spending hours in Target searching, trying on, and imagining all of the outfits and decorating for my life! I remember the shock of the tally at the register; I remember the annoyance of all of the bags, the parking lot, the traffic, the unloading, and the unpackaging.

Then the real stress started! Where will I put all of these new belongings? And now I have to keep track of them, use them, clean them, organize them, remove the “old” items that most likely were unused, unworn, forgotten, difficult-to-find-among-all-the-other-items.

Then came the stress of remorse. The shame and guilt of consuming-without-use-and-ultimately-discarding not to mention the wastefulness of the money to purchase all of it.

I didn’t realize the addictive, maddening, and ultimately extremely depressing cycle I was living until I found real food, real clothing, and real shelter.

Once I was eating with purpose, wearing with purpose and finding shelter with purpose, I experienced and still experience soaring and seemingly limitless daily JOY!

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